Stop Waiting For Redemption….Live in It

Heather’s blog is so right on instant blessing today…enjoy this as much as I do.

Heather Quiroz

and with him is full redemption….(Psalm 130:7)

For quite some time I used to really get stuck on the hurt I had experienced from people. I’d let it spin around endlessly in my heart and mind. I felt as though it just wasn’t fair and it wouldn’t really be OK until I saw something similar happen in their lives. Some sort of downfall or consequences for their actions.

Isn’t that terrible?

I have now learned the beauty of beholding the one who is my redemption. I really believe that’s what we have to do. We can’t wait for God to do what we believe is the redemption that we need. We simply must see Him as our ever present hope, joy and redemption in each moment for each day. Once I started living in my redemption instead of waiting for it, something changed. I started to have compassion for those…

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