Stand Tall With God

This really spoke to my heart as I sure it will yours too!!

Heather Quiroz

He makes my feet like the feet of a dear; he causes me to stand on heights….(2 Samuel 22:34)

Friend, God wants you to get above whatever the enemy is trying to pull you into. That’s what I’m realizing for my life is that the distractions, fear, discouragement, etc. is all a tool from the enemy trying to get me into a pit of defeat. Yet, the Lord grants me victory and all I have to do is stand on that victory that is mine. Like a deer stands on the heights.

So friend, whatever you’re facing today, don’t let it pull you down. Stand on top of it with the strength and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that as you do, you can see each day with fresh eyes as you look out on the landscape of your life and see what God has for you. That’s…

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