Our ways are not God’s ways

ok so I would like to try to write a new chapter to my blog, a new story, a new thought. It seems like I think of things I want to say, but never write them down, so now I am writing it down. If I could just help people learn from the mistakes I’ve made….It would surely be a blessing….I think of so many times when I had to be in control….it got me no where.
After struggling to get back up after the fall, I finally found out that I had to give up the reigns. Trusting God with my life was something I always wanted. But before I learned that, I was sinking deep…..but I finally found out that what Pastor Chuck Swindoll had said made perfect sense. He was so right about what he said…..sin can take you farther than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay…and cost you more than you want to pay! Boy did I learn this lesson…..and it came to me through a song….like waking up from the longest dream that seemed to real but when God’s love broke through…….I felt the peace I had never felt before. God carried me through the wilderness and brought me to a place He wanted me to be so when I finally woke up….I knew what had happened. So many times I just wanted to crawl in a cave and stay….where no one would find me….I just knew there was something better. When God’s love broke through….it was as if I had the longest dream and even though it seemed real….it didn’t feel like it. I just praise God for not ever giving up on me. So many times I wanted to give up on myself because I had sinned so much and I deserved the worse. But God….but God had something better in mind for me. God tried so many times to show me but like a fool, I just didn’t see it.

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