God is Preparing You

Sharing this from Heather. It really touched my heart today

Heather Quiroz

Has not the Lord anointed you ruler over His inheritance?….(1 Samuel 10:1)

Samuel and Saul were two very different leaders in Israel’s history. I feel like I can relate with them both.

One led out of worry, anxiety, insecurity, fear and so on. The other led out of faith. One had little to no preparation for their leadership role. The other had years to prepare themselves for the task God gave them.

Two men, two leaders, two very different realities and outcomes in light of their leadership.

One prepared and one did not.

This is the journey God is taking me on. He’s purging the Saul out of me to make me more like Samuel, a person of faith.

Be glad that God has pulled you out dear friend, if it means making you a leader who isn’t led by fear, insecurity, and anxiety but one who is led by…

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