Hearing God’s Will Through the Lives of Others

Something to ponder…I felt this was worth sharing.

Lynn Pryor

God’s will is the most important matter in your life. Nothing has greater ramifications. Yet some people find discerning God’s will to be difficult to understand. This is one reason why it is crucial to be intimately involved in a local church.

God does not intend for you to live a solitary Christian life. He designed people to live in community. Scripture indicates that God adds people to church bodies as it pleases Him (1 Cor. 12:18). God involves people in churches so they can know and do His will and so churches can be built up to carry out their God-ordained assignment. If you are currently a member of a church; you are not there by accident! God has a purpose for your involvement among those people.

I currently teach a Sunday School class at my church every Sunday morning for single adults, ages 26-39. These people are earnestly…

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Two Reasons We Should NOT “Forgive and Forget”

This blog has great insight…God wants us to remember what we were before we became what we are now and what we will become by the Grace of God.

Lynn Pryor

Well-meaning adults used to tell us as kids, “Oh, just forgive him and forget it.” A playground scuffle, name-calling, and maybe even bringing the character of one’s mother into the argument would escalate into a full-blown argument and maybe an eight-year-old attempt to throw a punch. That’s when the adult entered the picture and told us to play nice. If a grudge was kept beyond the inital scuffle, adults tried to blow it off and gave us the classic cliche, “Oh, just forgive him and forget it.”

Maybe on the playground, that’s OK when all you’re doing is arguing over whose turn it is. But far too many of us get those words engraved in our minds as the virtuous approach to take with any transgression; we grow into adults thinking we’re supposed to always forgive and forget. We equate forgetting with forgiving. 

After a sermon on forgiveness, a woman…

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