When Do I Depend on God … and When Do I Depend on Others?

I love this….everyone can relate to this…it is really worth reading.

Lynn Pryor

I’m thankful God led someone to invent the DVR. This one invention has brought hours back into my life simply because I can skip the commercials. (If you advertise on TV, I’m sure your product or service is absolutely wonderful; I’m talking about those other commercials.) But if I just turn on the TV to watch something, I will inevitably have to endure “a word from our sponsor.”

  • I don’t have a cat, but I can handle a cat food commercial.
  • I don’t need a luxury car, but I’ll tolerate the British voice telling me the virtues of German engineering.
  • I don’t need a injury lawyer. but I will even tolerate 30 seconds of notoriously bad acting.

But please, please stop it with the drug commercials.

I’ll be sitting in front of the TV eating someone’s leftovers I found in the frig. (Hey, I paid for that refrigerator, so whatever…

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