Find Your Purpose

I love this word from Heather today…it’s so powerful and meaningful…..I wanted to share it with everyone!!

Heather Quiroz

and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it…. (Matt 10:39)

Have you ever gone searching for your purpose? Wondering what was supposed to become of your life? I have. This has sent me looking for something to do, instead of someone to become. I think we have a gross misunderstanding in the church of what it really means to find our purpose. You see our purpose is not something we do, it’s found in someone we come to know. Yes, that is where our purpose is found, in knowing Jesus.
I’ve chalked up a pretty good resume, accomplished some fairly impressive things and have a few pieces of paper that say I’m qualified to do this thing or that. But you see, Jesus took 12 disciples of little repute, who lacked higher education, and the impressive lives we often strive for and invested so deeply into…

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A Healthy Approach to Dealing with Betrayal

This is something we all have gone through at one time or another…..I wanted to share Heather’s words for today….this is so amazing!!

Heather Quiroz

But the fruit of the Spirit is love….(Galatians 5:22).

Have you ever had someone offer you fake love? Offering loving words to your face, but then, at the blink of an eye, they turn right around and betray you? If you have, I totally understand.
There is a part of me, even still, that asks God for a fuller redemption of that, wondering when and if He’s going to do it. Then there’s another part of me that says, “Heather, let it all go. Let the memories of those moments go and release them in time and space to your Heavenly Father who is working all things together for your good and for His great purpose.”
Betrayal is false love in the most insidious form. It’s devastating because you thought you trusted a person only to find out that the person loved themselves more than you But, you…

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