Serving others as Jesus did

OK, so sometimes it’s really hard to do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the wrong thing… does that mean bad company corrupts good morals? Not necessarily….because as Christians we are supposed to be an example of Jesus life….being a Christian is following Jesus, being like Jesus…..there’s an old saying…”What would Jesus do?”  If we are to be like Jesus we have to live and think and act like Jesus did.  According to scripture…Jesus mingled with sinners, yet he did not sin… God wants us to be a witness to others so we can be examples of how He lived when He walked the earth.

 I was listening to Mike Donehey……and the example he gave was picture a man standing on a chair, and someone walking up to the chair and reaching up towards him….he can’t bring them up to his level….yes, they can bring him down…….but when you get off the chair, and lay face down on the ground….it suddenly becomes a different story… can’t bring a man down who is already serving on his face.  Get down on your face and wash some feet, then you don’t have to worry about who is corrupting who. When I become the servant of all, there’s no further place to fall.

You’re the One

Father, teach me all Your ways,

and help me to listen every day

Help me the right path to always choose ,

cuz I know with you, I’ll never lose.

Help me to be godly in your sight,

and help me to always choose what is right.

Help others to see the YOU in me,

it’s with you I always want to be.

Help me to follow your perfect plan,

You’ve had for me since life began.

Without You, I fall apart,

Your the one who guides my heart,

If only I keep my eyes on You,

I know that you will see me through.

Whenever I Set Out to Find Freedom…The Enemy Always Starts Tempting Me With Idols…

This is something we all deal with at some time, and I really thought it was worth sharing…thank you Heather for allowing God to use you in this way…

Heather Quiroz

After all that Hezekiah had so faithfully done, Sennacherib king of Assyria came and invaded Judah… (2 Chronicles 32:1).

Whenever I set out to do work for God the enemy always starts pushing the same old buttons of fear and control in my life. I can sense him start to whisper things into my heart and mind. Things like, “Don’t share that, you won’t be received with love. They’ll want nothing to do with you.” “Here, you need more of this in your life, because if you don’t, something bad will happen in your life.”
flee sin
For me, I have certain vices I turn to that control my thoughts. For some reason, indulging in them makes me feel better. It’s my way of controlling something in my life that I’m not sure how to live without. Have I grown in this area of my life? Absolutely. Am I as far…

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