Hey Sin, Catch Me If You Can

It’s the little things we do sometimes that make us feel like….”this can’t be sin, there’s nothing wrong with it…I wanted to share Heather’s Blog again because I can so relate to this…..

Heather Quiroz

The wicked flee though no one pursues….(Proverbs 28:1).

As I was teaching the students at church the other day I said to them, “Whenever I was doing something wrong that my parents didn’t want me to do, I lived in fear the entire time thinking I might get caught.”

Sin is like a drug. Although we know its bad for us, we’ll do whatever it takes to have it. Even though we know its not the right thing to do, we’ll pursue it anyways and live in fear the entire time. This keeps us from being able to live fully and freely in life, but the problem is, we don’t believe we can live without our vices.

There are many people fleeing from freedom, truly believing they are somehow liberated in their rebellious ways. Yet, there is no freedom in lying to get what you want, cheating to have…

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