Things we need to know about being Holy

I edited this because I wanted to make it clear that God did not do this to me, He allowed it to happen just like He did with Job when Satan did all those things to Job. Satan cannot do anything to us unless he has God’s permission, but God allowed this to help me realize what I was doing.

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Holiness is one of the defining points of God’s people. Edom is represented by stubble, while Israel is represented by fire. God’s people are to be consumed and marked by the fire of God’s holiness so that the stubble of pride, deception, greed, betrayal, and rebellion can be burned up and overcome in our lives. God desires that we walk in the full possession of our inheritance in Him.

Colossians 3:1-17 tells us that relationships often prove to be the crucible in which our godliness is tested. Colossians challenges us to bring the life and character of Christ into the way we relate to others. Drawing strength from the power and might of His glory, we must remove and discard our old ways of living and relating. God has made us new creations in Christ; let us be continually renewed to live and love in a manner worthy of our…

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