Tribute to my Mother for Mother’s Day

Margaret Patricia Bradley
June 25, 1928-October 5, 1993

This is a poem I wrote for my Mom when she was dying from pancreatic cancer.

For You Mom
You taught me to care,
You taught me to share.
You took away my fears
When you wiped away my tears.
You gave me hope,
and taught me to cope
when all I felt was despair
You showed me no matter what happens in life,
that you would always be there.
You showed me God’s love in the way that you lived,
and showed me the happiness that comes when you give.
You made me feel important when I thought no one cared.
I know I can’t take away your pain,
and it really hurts to see you this way
But I know God is with you each step of the way,
and I know in your heart,
He will always stay.

written in 1992

This is one that her caregiver wrote for her

I met a lady not long ago,
Who touched my heart and blessed me so.
Going wherever God would ask,
I was sent to do a task.


In my heart I desired to please,
Caring for others, full of pain and disease.
So into this lady’s home I entered,
And could sense right away, Christ was the center.
This lady’s smile would warm your heart,
I loved her so dearly right from the start.
I bathed her body with love and care,
As her life stories, with me, she shared.
As time went by, to her I grew fond,
I knew the tie was a Christian bond.
She brightened my day and I’d leave with a song,
But I knew in my heart that her time was not long.
This lady allowed me the joy of true living,
By doing for others, loving and giving.
To bring a smile and feel compassion,
Has been my life’s goal and greatest passion.
Letting go will be hard to do,
Seems our moments together have been so few,
But it won’t be long, I”ll see her again,
Because this dear lady is now my friend.

Dedicated to Margaret “Patty” Bradley
November 14, 1992


The time is drawing near my friend

When we shall say goodbye;

The angels soon will carry you

To your home above the sky.

God has a place prepared for you,

And with His Son you'll be;

Jesus as your Savior

Will truly set your free.

My dearest friend, I'll miss you so,

And all the time we've shared;

life here on earth comes and goes;

Sometimes it isn't fair.

In my prayers Ill think of you;

For with our Lord you'll be,

And I will ask, dear Jesus please,

Hug my friend for me.

Written for Patty Bradley
on September 29, 1993

Christine Payseur

4 thoughts on “Tribute to my Mother for Mother’s Day

  1. Your mom sounds like a lovely person Sandy; someone who had God’s light and never kept it hidden! What a great sharing for Mother’s Day. I too miss my mom and think your mom and my mom would have been good friends too! Perhaps they are close sisters in their Heavenly home now 🙂

  2. Hi Sandy, your sweet mother’s goodness shows in you. You’re such a gentle, caring, and loving person that your Mom is certainly up in Heaven smiling proudly about her precious daughter. She set a good example which you followed with your own children, and continue to follow even though they’re now grown. I was also blessed to have a wonderful, loving Christian mother. This first half-year without her has been so hard, especially the holidays and birthdays, but as our Lord Jesus holds me and comforts me, I can feel His love and the love of my Mom through His soft whispers of encouragement. I know you feel it too. We are blessed by His love! I love you, my sister!

    1. Thank you Joanie, I know your Mother is with my Mother and Mary’s and they are all smiling at the friendship God gave us when He brought us together, and I know your Mother is smiling on you as well at how proud she is of you!!

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